The Batman Game

So, it was about time writing and finding a purpose in it. And I thought there couldn’t be a perfect time to have some fun along side. So, I started a game at my Instagram writing account @strangelyfriends It’s calles ‘5 Day:5 Question:5 Winners game. I’m posting in the rules and what it is about here … More The Batman Game

Feels of My Blood

#last #lastnight So, as I sit here on the verge of my monotonous nights, I have this verbose with my unfinished thoughts that I can’t synchronize with the blot of every drop of ink that foresee the blood through every sip of my heart. And I ask myself the same question over and over again_ … More Feels of My Blood

Feels of My Demons

Like a Raconteur, I was belittled and baffled by my misfortunes to my demons hurling and gazing at my foregoes every damn time. I burnt like an anthracite. Slowly and intensely. “What are you waiting for? Come with us“, they asked in a thunderous disturbance. “Death”, I uttered in a ruptured voice. And I could … More Feels of My Demons