I wonder if you ever existed

Now, this is one of the best compliments I had ever received.
Usually I don’t like anyone editing and modifying my poem. Oh wait, I hate it when anyone does that.
But, this blogger mate has been so fine blogging for some nine years that it turned a stud for my poem eventually.
A few lines of my poem and this blogger mate got inspired to write one of own.



“… I am sorry I had no other way”
I am wretched, I’m dissolute,
I lost my soul in the alleyway.
I am thankful, I am remorseful,
a million emotions in disarray.

I am who? I ponder in asunder,
my existence like sedimentary clay.
Nor alone nor united, nor here nor there,
wedged in a morality play.

“I wonder if you ever existed,
or your presence itself was a lie”, a ploy.

I succumb, I submit, for your wrath,
in belief of mercy on judgement day.
I lay with the clay embracing decay.
“… I am sorry I had no other way”


that’s it for today 🙂

A few days ago, after a long time i felt like trying my hands at word play.

Reading Saiz’s Urdu poetry: Jeena yahan marna wahan
and then this one in English:
i am sorry i had no other way but die


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